“When I first met Con I mentioned I needed to get life insurance and he got me into a plan which worked for me and wasn’t expensive at all, he then suggested for a small amount extra he had added injury cover given my line of work which I took onboard and decided to pay.

This small amount each month that equates to less than my coffee bill has not paid off massively, 9 years in the trade and I had my first work place injury, breaking a finder and gashing another (needing stitches), feeling sorry for myself and not being able to work I suddenly remembered my cover and contacted Con, I now have regular weekly payments covering me for my time off.

A simple suggestion from Con has made this accident a little more bearable for a very affordable monthly premium and I would highly recommend it as you never know when your going to read it.

Dave Alfrey, D and L Landscapes Sussex Ltd

Originally posted 2018-12-11 11:29:06.