But only 3% of companies mention mental health in job ads

Nearly nine in 10 (88%) employees believe a company’s mental health strategies are important when choosing a role, a survey shows.

Of those, 20% said they considered this extremely important, 28% said it was very important, and 40% said it was somewhat important.

In contrast, no employers believed professionals would consider mental wellbeing support strategies extremely important, 9% thought these strategies would be considered very important and 33% believed that they would be considered somewhat important, according to the research by Robert Walters.

The research also revealed that among employers who have a mental health policy, just 3% mention their mental wellbeing strategies in job adverts, and only 66% communicate these policies internally.

The majority (92%) of employers think awareness and attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing have improved in recent years, compared with just 72% of professionals.

Additionally, while 48% of employers strongly agree that attitudes have changed, just 23% of professionals strongly agree.

The research also revealed that employers (99%) and professionals (97%) are widely in agreement that businesses have a responsibility to support the mental health of their staff. However, just 51% currently have a policy in place to support their staff.

“Employers are demonstrating a growing awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing among professionals. However, identifying which strategies are considered most effective by their staff will be essential in creating effective mental health strategies,” said Janine Blacksley, associate director at Robert Walters

The poll also found just 38% of professionals were aware that their employer has a mental health policy in place, and 29% were unsure.